Client Testimonials

     My experience with massage was that a half hour afterwards I would feel exactly like I did before the massage.  Hardly worth it!  My experience with Alex is different.  He really has a positive impact on how I feel, and makes a difference with the minor injuries I always have from my strenuous workouts.  It’s a long-term improvement that I can help maintain by doing the stretches that Alex shows me how to do.

-Gina Bliss, CPA

     The experience at Roc city massage reaches far beyond your healing experience on the table. Alex's full understanding of the human body will equip every client with the tools of healing for their particular life style. My job is very physically demanding and a lot of the work is intense. The instant relief of body tension is incredible and the follow up stretching instructions and recuperation advice, spot on. I cannot attest to his services enough. Thank you Roc city massage!

- Elizabeth R. Clapp, Owner Le Petit Poutine

      As a practicing dentist, i needed a massage therapist do to deep tissue therapy on my ailing back. Alex helped tremendously. He was very concerned with making sure my muscles were all properly attended to.  Thank you Alex!-Aaron

- Aaron Rosen, DDS, East Avenue Dentistry


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